About The Order of the Golden Law

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About the Order
Recruitment Process
The Follower's Code
Chain of Command
The Order's Purpose

The Order of the Golden Law is a level 25, active, heavy role-play guild which stands as, first and foremost, a holy military order. What's a "holy military order"? The Knights of the Silver Hand, the Argent Dawn, and the Argent Crusade are all holy military orders.

Our goal and purpose is to stand against the forces of evil that threaten the existence of life as we know it - i.e. The Scourge, the Burning Legion, the Twilight's Hammer, Cult guilds, Chaotic-Evil guilds, and guilds bent on destroying or enslaving mankind.

It is our duty to stand in defiance of all of these - united under one banner, in the name of the Light (or in the name of Good in general). Individuals who do not necessarily follow the Light - Druids, Shamans, and Mages - can still join the Order if their goal is aligned with the Orders. While they do not need to believe that the Light is their overall higher-power, they are expected to adhere to, and dedicate their lives to follow the teachings of the Three Virtues and the tenets of the "Followers Code"

Uniforms are enforced ICly and are expected to be worn. OOCly, you're free to wear what you wish!


Recruitment Process
Once you've read through all this - the next step to recruit is just sending any officer a message in game - and we'll handle the rest. We don't do an application - so no need to worry about that! Any member in game can point you towards n officer. Thank you for taking the time to read through, and we look forward to talking with you!

After a prospective recruit is interviewed OOCly (detailed below), they begin an out of guild trial process that can last anywhere from one to two weeks, depending initial interactions. In that time, they are expected to roleplay with the Order regularly - attend events, take part in training and begin to fall into the role of a member of the Order of the Golden Law. During this they are -not- bound by a uniform or tabard, but their actions, dialogue and OOC attitude are observed and taken note of, to be considered during the final recruitment decision. In short, members who wish to join should be roleplaying with us for anywhere from two weeks to a month before they make their full commitment to the Order, our vows, our virtues and our policies.

This process, while lengthy, has proved to be a critical success in helping us, and you, to make sure that every new recruit is a good fit for the Order, and more importantly that the Order is a good fit for the recruit. Seeing as we are not a leveling guild, perks and level should be no main incentive for someone to join our guild - thus why we are comfortable boasting a longer waiting period. We look for people to join our guild who are, A) interested and approving of our policies, uniform, rules and style, B) respectful, compassionate and patient, C) willing to commit themselves OOCly and ICly. If waiting a few weeks to join, even while roleplaying with us regularly, is not something they feel like they can stick through, it may be a indication that perhaps this is not the Order for them. There is much to do in the trial period, and recruits are in no way treated any differently than a full member of the guild - but they are expected to begin assimilating into the Order and adopting our way of life (and we do understand it will take a tiny bit to get used to it - and we are happy to work closely with each recruit to ease them in). This is the period when recruits realize if -we- are a good fit for -them-.

Below are some notes to be aware of during your OOC interview; please give each some consideration in preparation for your interview!

1. Level 15 is required. No exceptions.

2. They need to use correct punctuation and spelling. This is a biiig must, but if someone is new to rp, however, we're not against helping them get better.

3. Ventrilo and MRP/TRP2 are required. No exceptions. Download Ventrilo here!

4. Uniforms are a non-negotiable aspect of the guild and that every character will be required to wear one.

5. Characters will be required to take, and follow, two vows - one binding them to their brothers and sisters, and another of a personal nature focusing on one aspect of themselves they want to better.

After the above questions have been discussed, the following questions will be presented!

1) How did you hear about the Order of the Golden Law - and what is your interest in joining the guild, both OOC and IC? Why our guild over any other?

3) Would you consider yourself to be an active player and will you be active on the character you wish to join this guild with? If so, how active?

4) Tell us about yourself. How many years, months, weeks have you been rolep-playing and playing WoW? Do you have any prior role-play experience from different games (on-line or table-top)? Have you ever had experience in lawful good, holy role-play? What kind of styles of role-play do you use, what have you tried - not tried - interested in trying? What other characters have you role-played before?

5) Tell us a bit about your character. What is your characters moral alignment? (Lawful Good, Chaotic Good, Neutral, Lawful Evil, Chaotic Evil.) What is your characters opinion of the Holy Light and the virtues/tenets it teaches? If you are willing, give a brief run-down of your characters history, highlighting any key events that may have altered your characters life. If you are willing, give us a brief description of your characters appearance: tattoo's, scars, missing appendages, runes, etc.

6) Do you understand that any Out-of-Character drama will be dealt with swiftly and strictly, and that disrespect towards any player of the game will not be tolerated, and will also be dealt with swiftly and strictly?

7) Do you have anything you'd want us to know about your character or yourself? (I.E. Are they secretly a demon trying to destroy the Order from within? Are you secretly a dragon or a a Time-Lord or a Jedi?


The Follower's Code:

As a member of the Order, I will be courageous, devoted, truthful, faithful, patient, honorable, insightful, valorous, humble and reverent.


Faith with honor, unity by blood. Bound strong and firm, together as one.

Broken not by blades.. by corruption or silvered tongues. Our strength and devotion never to be undone.

To my brethren, I shall remember my vows, honor my duty,and stand firm as a bastion of faith; as a fist of the Light.

By reverent hearts and faithful souls, we will lay down our lives for the sake of good. Never fearing, never faltering, in the Light we find unity and strength.

May our Virtues be the righteous path which we walk, and our tenets serve as the lantern that will light our way.

May it be forever so.


Structure of the Golden Law:
Role of the Officers:
In recent times, in the absence of the Highlord - to secure a strong future for the Order, the Chancellors and Regency called a vote to reform the administration of the Order - renouncing the positions of Regent Lords and Highlord and installing a new, permanent council known as the Protectorate.

These three Protectors stand as the public figure heads of the Order, seen as the heaviest weight in the voting ring out of all - but in truth, the Protectors literally protect the Chancellors and the Order itself, more often from its own self. The Protectorate serves as a safeguard for the Chancellory to ensure the integrity of the Order's virtues and laws. The weight of rule, the management of daily life in the Order and matters regarding administration - the Chancellory serves as the weighted vote - making the decisions and executing them under the guidance of the Protectors, who serve as a veto in cases where a vote bends or breaks away from the traditions or better interest of the Order.

Despite the fact that the real power rests in the hands of the chancellors, the Protectors proudly bear the weight of public criticism - serving out their role, quite literally, as the protectors, spiritual and militant leaders and course setters for the Order.
Chain of Command:

Listed below is the Chain of Command! If you have a problem ICly, your character should follow this ALL the time. If the matter is urgent and absolutely private, you may go strictly any of the Grand officers. And following the chain of command also goes for OOC. The importance of following the chain of command cannot be stressed enough; it helps the officers, and more so... It helps -you- to handle issues before they spiral out of control! Following the chain of command allows high officers to handle issues that require dramatic attention, while more minor issues can be delegated to equally qualified officers.

The chain of command is structured from the bottom up - this is the order in which issue progression should be handled.

Members: Non-Officers
- Initiates
- Acolytes
- Clerics, Sentinels, Spell-Shields, Lawbringers and Knights

****NOTE: ALL of your High Council and Sub-officers are your officers -oocly and icly-. Remember and acknowledge this. ****

Chancellery: IC/OOC Sub Officers
High Cavalier: Silverdawn
High Ranger: Empty
High Templar: Empty
Acting High Exemplar: Ennalor
Acting High Vindicator: Ruin'tar
High Priest: Empty
High Bishop: Empty
High Warden: Empty
High Justicar: Empty
OOC Officer: Juhla
OOC Officer: Ellandora

Grand Chancellery: IC/OOC Officers
Grand Cleric: Sister Constance Steeldawn
Acting Grand Lawbringer: Jeca Kanters
Grand Sentinel: Otulissa Skyheart
Grand Knight: Empty
Grand Spellshield: Empty

PLEASE do your best to follow this Chain of Command. It cannot always be assumed that your higher up's are the only ones that can help you.


The Order's Purpose:

First, ICly, the Order's purpose is to bring champions of the Light, and heroes willing to selflessly serve for the betterment of Azeroth, together under a unified banner, standing for peace, justice and unity, to strengthen the people's faith and hope for the future. The Order stands against the undead (and remnants of the Scourge), demons (either rogue or Burning Legion), and cults (from Twilight's Hammer and Cult of the Damned to player-run cult guilds), but is known to occassionally participate in political affairs so as to keep peace and to ensure that the interests of the people is kept. The Order of the Golden Law is also a large responder to world-wide threats such as plague and disease (example: the pandemic spread through Stormwind most recently). The Order also seeks to teach its members the ways of the Holy Light and to help grow them to be true heroes and heroines of a broken and shattered world, so that they may carry the banner of hope for the people who need it most. We are -NOT- the Guard and we hold -NO- authority outside the Cathedral district. Pursuit of petty crimes (i.e. Stealing, lying, threatening) is not our task. The most we -can- do is detain someone until the Guard arrive to take them off the hands of the Order and into their own custody.

Second, OOCly, the purpose of the guild is to reforge a roleplay community that is open to roleplay ideas, willing to help one another progress these ideas, and willing to respect one another to make an overall more friendly roleplay environment for everyone! ICly, we stand for unity and respect, and this does not change for our OOC stance of things. We believe that to make a healthy roleplay community, unity and respect is -needed-, and that no community can thrive off of cliquish, close-minded roleplay. The Order seeks to break down that wall and encourage more open community roleplay! We also exist to do our part in making World of Warcraft a fun, enjoyable game for -all-, not just roleplayers. In doing so, we practice respect to everyone, Wyrmrest Accord locals or not, regardless of what they've shown us, so as to encourage respect to be taken and given from our peers.



The Order, while strong on its own, leans heavily on its close allies - often calling on them for some of the longer and more intense campaigns. As a holy, militant faction - the Order is unable to officially ally itself with political entities - though it does consider some houses to be friendly.

Friends and Allied Guilds:
Borderlands Coalition
The Eastern Confederacy
House Haethon
The Hand of Lordaeron
New Gilneas
House Ashfury
Lions of Light
The Ashborn Order
The Conclave
The White Sigil
Army of the Light
House Pyrestone
House Longhammer
Chivalry's End