Sister Constance Adelaide Anzel
Grand Cleric

Age: ?!?
Race: Lotharian War Cleric
Description: The air was tepid and dry the breeze swaying through the reeds to the silent dance of the changing season. A woman stood on the beaches of Westfall her toes sinking in the sand as she let her sky blue gaze look around her slowly. She looked down at her hands studying them a smile curled on her soft rose painted lips. She studied her hands noticing her freckled, sunkissed white skin, her fingernails well manicured painted a crimson color. Her features were gentle beautifully manicured her waiste length golden blonde colored tendrils contouring her soft sunkissed features.

Several beautiful earrings within each ear catching the shimmer of hall lights. This was the only jewelry she wore other then a beautiful large opal scrimshawed in the shape of the alliance lion. The detail was beautiful and precise. It hung just above her cleavage though heavens knew that was a rare site if any.

Constance was born in Tyr's Hand in Eastern Lordaeron. When she was young, she began to study the Light in the Tyr's Hand Abbey and became known for her ability for healing with the Light. Constance met her husband when he took flight to Lordaeron and they met while she was healing wounds he sustained when Stormwind was destroyed. Her husband was a Knight from Lakeshire. Her and her husband had their two children after the Second War but before the Alliance Expedition.

Later on Constance had to leave her family to go to Draenor with the Expedition which she thought she would only be there for a few months. When news of the destruction of Stormwind at the hand of the vile Orcish Horde reached her ears, Constance took to healing the wounded refugees taking residence in Lordaeron. She took to healing the soilders and fighting on the frontlines later on, doing her part to end the horde threat. Due to the horrors she saw at the Horde's hands, she left her family in her husband's hands and went to Nethergarde Keep. Hoping to help end the Horde's barbarism and ensure no more would be harmed, she left to Draenor as part of the Alliance Expedition.

After Draenor was destroyed, she spent eighteen long years in Honor Hold on what was now Outland. She was charged as a Cleric and served the outpost, loyally mending those who needed it, at times, dashing out to the defence of the base.

Her husband would raise their kids in Lordaeron until the scourge would come to the lands. Heeding Jainas warning they later fled to Kalimdor.

When Constance came back to Azeroth, her husband and children awaited her. Now living in Theramore aftert the Scourge destroyed Lordaeron, she reunited with her husband. The following year her husband left to Northrend to aid the Alliance in defeating the Lich King.

Constance joined the inital charge against the terror Deathwing. Lending her aid bending the light to heal her allies in battle. After a sucessful defeat of the Dragon she finally took a breif rest in the Capital City.

It was many many moons ago that Sister Steeldawn met a young Lord with a dream of finding an order devout to the light. With the codes of honor, civility and chivalry. This young lord was Lord Johnathan Kalery, the Lord of the Order of the Golden Law. Constance aided this lord in helping to build this order amongst the other Lord and Ladies that would help build the order to what it is today. She stood loyally at the Lords side serving the order as its Reverand Mother.

Her charge as Reverand Mother was to help the members of the Order to uphold their vows of Chastity and Subriety. Training the young Priests and Priestess's as well. She had grown to love the Order and refer to it as her home.
Over the years her bond with Kalery had grown to the point as she felt he was one of her own kin looking to him and the others as a proud mother tending to her children..

>>>In the site of those I am pledged to- under the banner and honor of our Order- I vow, and pledge myself to refuse any spirits or brew. I take a vow of Sobriety to keep my bond strong with the heavens and always be clear of mind in representation of the light.<<<