Protector, High Vindicator of the Order of the Golden Law
Age: 26,000+
Race: Draenei

"A Hand of Argus is many things: Obedient, brave, intelligent, and above all, honorable."

Ruin'tar is an older draenei, at least in years lived. His mannerisms and speech also blatantly show that he is a devout servant of the Holy Light. Having learned many languages over his years of exile, the peculiar accent shown by some draenei is substantially weaker.

While old, the draenei still seems to be in his prime, thanks to the Light magics of the naaru, towering over most Azerothan races at a sturdy 8 feet tall. Because of his service as a warrior of the Light, his body is well toned and very muscular, weighing in at at least 500 pounds.

He wears the brilliant silver and sashed armor of a Protector of the Golden Law, hood usually drawn above his head.

An old prayerbook written in draenic runes hangs from a truegold chain extending down from the front of his right pauldron to the back. The book is bound in a lush, mahogany-colored leather and the pages are gilt around the edges. Gold runes emboss the cover in the symbol of the naaru and it is held closed by a lock of metals not of Azeroth.

If his head is uncovered, the first noticable feature about the draenei is his head crest. Naaru glyphs and sigils are carved into the crest, marking him even further as to his devotion. His long, dark hair is generally loose across his back when hoodless.

Adorning his face tentacles are several golden, very old rings. Crystals are inset in these rings, each of the six are different colored gem.


Ruin'tar was one of the first draenei to heed Velen's call to break away from the other Eredar leaders and flee a world they had already called home for tens of millennia.

Originally an Anchorite, when his people were killed wave after wave at the Temple of Karabor, he took up the mace of his father, a fallen vindicator, and began fighting the orcs with his own hands, having been trained from a young age in combat.

Finally, he suffered the sorrow of the last bastion of his people being sabotaged and landing into a new world...

His name means Guardborne in the ancient language of Eredun.

-Past weapons, well remembered-

Formerly, he wielded the greatmace Sha'Kuren, or Light's Redemption, an old weapon having seen millennia of combat but still as strong as the day it was forged. It is a piece of the ship that rescued his people from Argus, the Genedar.

His greatmace being used for other purposes now, a similar weapon hangs from his back in its sturdy harness. The gigantic sword carries similarities to Sha'Kuren, having been made of the same metal and pink-purple crystals inlaid in the center. The blade has been christened Sha'Or, the Light's Refuge.

With the old vow system removed, Ruin'tar has vowed to listen to the third virtue of the Light, compassion, more than he has in the past. While still carrying on as a vindicator of both the Light and the Golden Law, he has sworn to himself and all others that he will reign in his previously harsh attitude.