Hildar Goldmane
Lawbringer of the Golden Law, Templar
Age: 30
Race: Human
Description: You see a man of 6’3 weighing in to be about the size of a Stormwind guard, who has a scar on his left cheek from an abusive father.

He ran away when he was only twelve and spent that time in the Cathedral training in the ways of a paladin.

He is now thirty and has dedicated his time to the light. He spends most of his time looking for those who are evil in the world of Azeroth, but if he is not hunting evil, he is training in the way of the light trying to become the best he possibly can be. He does not appreciate those who turn on the light because he has seen what the light can do for those whom light seems like a dream.

His voice is very inspiring and strong.

He is a stronger man and is very humble to everyone he meets.

Hildar Goldmane is one of the strangest examples of how the light can touch all of us. His father was abusive to him and his mother, and usually left Hildar in a pool of his own blood. Hildar did not like to speak of his past as not to open 'closed' wounds, however he is very sympathetic to people who have been hurt. One day, Hildar's father got home for work in the city but was angry because his shop was taken from him; he went into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of beer. Hildar wanted to speak to his father about how he could help him in his time of need but was responded to the bottle of beer being thrown at his face, leaving him with a scar on his left cheek. Hildar ran as his father screamed and yelled that he didn't appreciate all the things that he had done for him and how if he was to see him again that a bottle was the least of his worries. Hildar hid in his closet and began to cry softly, until he saw a ray of light touch him on his chest.
"Do not fear the light child, we are here to make you safe." said a soothing voice.

Hildar began to calm down and saw that there was now a figure sitting next to him in the closet, it was not his mother, it was an angle. Hildar grabbed the spirit and spoke softly.

"Why is my dad so mean to us? Does he not know I love him? Did the light turn away from him?" he asked hoping for an answer.

"Your father was not turned on by the light; he turned himself away from the light. We tried to help him by giving him you, but he does not appreciate the gift of you, child." Said the soft voice.

Hildar sighed quietly and then froze as he heard his father slam open the door to his room. He started to panic then the voice whispered to him.

"Child, run away, run to the city and hide in the Cathedral, you will be welcome there." said the voice just as his father opened the closet and started screaming at his child.

Hildar got up from the floor and ran from his home. He did not look back until he was older.

When he was fifteen, only three years since he ran away, he was recruited into the Argent Dawn. He trained with them until he was 22, when he took his leave to return home. When he returned home, now a Paladin of the light in search for his mother. He was greeted by his father.

"What'a ya’ want?" said his father who was drunk.

"Where is mother?" Hildar asked.

"Do I care? No. get off of my property you..." said his father before he passed out on the floor, barley breathing.

Hildar sighed and walked into the house. He looked almost everywhere for his mother until he heard a soft cry from his closet. He walked into it to see his mother sitting there eyed blackened from abuse. Hildar grabbed his mother in his arms as she spoke softly.

"Are you the spirit, the one who told me someone was coming for me to save me?" she asked.

Hildar smiled at his mother and walked out of the house, as he passed his father he turned around and looked at him passed out on the floor.

"The light is waiting for you, father, if you have any morality left, you will go back to it." He said as he went to pick his father up to put him on his bed.

Just as he touched his father, a bolt of shadow flung from him hitting Hildar in the chest. His father was a warlock. The light didn't turn on him, he turned on the light. Hildar grabbed his mother and left the warlock in the house to fend for himself.

In the company of my brothers and sisters, and under the colors and honor of my Order, I vow and pledge to be more compassionate to all I meet. I want to be a better person over a better Chancellor.