Belathan Anollis
Grand Cleric of the Golden Law, Cleric of Northshire, Abbot, Bishop
Personals: Wowwiki Page
Age: 88
Race: Human
Description: Found most frequently in white and gold robes - his age would be printed in bold ink across his form, both in style and posture. Though he'd try to stand up as straight as possible, due to injuries he would always walk with a hunched limp and stand with a bit of a tilt. His legs have gone weak and he uses his staff as a walking cane, something you'd find him often gripping onto just to stay upright.

Though old and weak, physically, his spirit and has never been stronger - and his voice still commands attention - especially when scolding younger initiates. He cares little for -who- people are when they are making trouble, so watch out for a heavy 'thwap' from his staff.

His face would be a rugged map of wrinkles, each one detailing a part of his long life. His eyes are greyed and misty. The easiest face to compare him to would be a much much older version of famous actor Tommy Lee Jones.

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