Otulissa Skyheart
Grand Sentinel of the Golden Law
Personals: Journal
Age: 21
Race: Unafflicted Gilnean
Description: Three white scars stretch across the hunter's left arm in unison. On the back of her neck there is a lotus, not branded in, rather carved with a small weapon of some sort. There are several small cuts across her right wrist. The top of her right ear has a small nick in it.

When you first approach her, you will probably notice her bow and then her eyes--A dark violet hue, always searching. She is left handed.

She carries a satchel everywhere she goes, full of various things. Inside it you may find:
-A painted wood carving of an imperial eagle in flight
-A quill
-A tome on The Three Virtues
-A surprisingly neat stack of letters
-A copper mask
There is also a communicator attached to her belt.

A silver chain shows at her neck, hinting at her aquamarine pendant resting under her tabard. The stone itself is smooth and oval shaped if you ever happened to see it. The surface glimmers and might remind one of water.

Observe - Take in - notice. Lissa pays attention to her surroundings as much as she can, and is usually quiet - preferring to listen rather than speak. She respects authority but voices her thoughts when she feels it's needed.
--You may also know her by Otulissa Cross.

Weapons: Two daggers are concealed beneath her cloak. She carries a bow and a quiver most of the time. Rarely she will be seen with her gun. A pair of truesilver shackles dangles at her waist.

After departing from home at age 14, Otulissa wandered for years, making her way to Stormwind from Gilneas. She ended up lost many times along the way, and eventually met another younger girl by the name of Elise, who had been traveling from Elwynn. Elise was Otulissa's only friend during this time, and the two talked and traveled together for months. However, one day, Elise had vanished, leaving the hunter alone once more. She had not been prepared for her friend's sudden departure without word, and now holds a fear that the people she care about will leave - and she doesn't want that to happen again.

Eventually, Otulissa made it to Stormwind. She spent several months getting to know the place and people, and decided she'd stay in the city. However, that changed when she met the Order. She'd seen them all the time near the cathedral where she prayed and studied, but didn't actually gain interest until she attended one of their sermons. After watching them a bit longer, Lissa vowed to pledge herself to the Golden Law, and hasn't changed her mind since.

"In the company of my brothers and sisters.. under the banner and honor of the Order - I vow, and pledge, to always stand by those of our colors - of our cause, no matter the burden, or my inner conflict. I shall stand as their brother, their guide and their shield so long as I live."

"In the sight of those I am pledged to - under the banner and honor of our Order - I vow, and pledge to be assertive, to speak my mind and let myself be heard."