Ennalor Silvertongue
Protector of the Golden Law
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Age: ??
Race: Human
Description: Beneath his almost always worn cowl, the first thing most would notice is a strange set of eyes - ones glowing unaturally with a strange electric blue tinge - humming as he'd look on. His body is stern and hard, muscled and well battled - but his face still is young and soft - despite the stern looks her often offers. His voice is deeper, a cologne of whiskey and cigar sounds, like the soothing voice of a father before bed. His voice would be easily recognizable, for those traits - often picked out easily on the battle field and widely known for his roaring battle cries. Seen often atop the holy charger Triumph, he wields the holy blade known as Penance - one which crackles constantly with electric Light.

The truth is that he isn't really human, nor is he anything else. He simply is.

While widely unknown, he was delivered by the spirit of a cleric who passed away recently, the former Grand Cleric of the Order, Belathan Anollis. Ennalor is, as one may come to understand it, the physical embodiment of a spirit guide - one who has need of returning to a physical form to serve out a divine purpose - or in other ways guide those on the mortal plane in ways that cannot be done from the spirit world.

He can bleed - he can die - just like any living being; but there is, no doubt, something strange about him.

Appearing during a critical time when Stormwind itself was under siege by a smaller band of Demons - he rushed quickly to fight beside the Order, earning prestige and respect, leading to his eventual induction into the Order as High Exemplar - and later his ascension to the position of Regent Lord, secondly only to the Highlord himself - and finally to the rank of Lord Protector, a role forged by the Regency to stand as leader of the Golden Law in the absence of Highlord Jonathan Kalery.

A stubborn and naturally vindictive person, he holds true to his believes that if you do not stand -against- evil, in every way, you support it, offering a very cold side of himself to the Order in such a place. Often un-relatable and domineering - he leads with a firm hand, tolerating no insubordination and holding each and every member to the highest of standards. A hard ass, a jerk at times, but well meaning - the Lord Protector may be one of the Order's toughest nuts to crack.

"In the sight of those I am pledged to - under the banner and honor of our Order - I vow, and pledge myself to restraint of force.. to seek other paths to our success in our wars beyond the sole application of force."



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