Jeca Goldmane
Protector of the Golden Law
Personals: Journal
Age: 31
Race: 1/4 Dwarf 3/4 Human
Description: The first and most noticeable thing about this woman, is her build. She is much much more muscular than an average human female. If anything, she looks more like a man. She does not make much effort to present herself as a woman, or make any show of femininity. She walks tall, hardly ever slouching, save if she's working on some sort of device or vehicle. Broad shoulders frame her muscular body, hiding any feminine curve, if there even is one. Despite her height, her Dwarf blood is apparent and obvious in her stocky shape.

Her cherry brown hair is cut short and uneven, as if she keeps cutting it with her own blade, or any other sharp object she can get her hands on. It often falls over her face, she spends a great deal of time blowing bangs from her eyes. Due to an injury to her forehead, just over her left eye, the damaged nerves prevent her from opening the eye completely. It gives her a "Derpy" expression most the time. Brilliant blue eyes hide under the damaged lids, pools of deep sapphire lined on the edges of her irises by bands of green, giving them at distance, and almost sea green color. When enraged, or over using her magics, her eyes will turn a vivid golden color. The edges of her left ear look to have either been torn or bitten off.

A small crescent scar runs along her right cheek to her chin. The jagged edges, having come from a dagger used by a forsaken she had fought in Northrend. There is a slight gnarl to the scar, leaving the skin somewhat bumpy. Her ability to heal while in the north was limited at best, so her injuries were ofter left to heal on their own or were burned closed. Another slash runs across her left cheek, a clean cut from a sparing match inside the city. She'd done nothing for it, as it was just another wound, aesthetics meaning little to nothing to her. Her entire body, is mostly scar tissue at this point, a collection of burns, cuts, holes, it's a wonder she can move. The worst of the marring on her body is a massive star like shaped scar around her lower abdomen. While fighting along her unit in Icecrown, she was attacked from behind, impaled in a Saronite spike. Thrown aside and left to die to be risen later, she watched, barely conscious, as the rest of her unit was torn to meaty shreds. She does not know who, or how she was saved, she simply recalls waking in a tent, weeks later. Because of the exposure to the Saronite, she has little to no resistance to mental attacks. The poisoned old god blood left lingering effects on her mind, even as her body was healed. When placed under enough stress, or if an invading force tries to enter her mind, she cannot fight back. Working with her younger sister, she has been trying to recover some sense defensive stability. Her sister Anna has placed a single ward that will create a light backlash to anyone who tries to invade Jeca's mind. The injury from the impaling cost her internally. She lacks unnecessary organs, as well as her reproductive organs. She is, and will be for the remainder of her life, barren.

While fighting along her brothers and sisters in the dunes of Tanaris, Jeca snapped her left arm, shattering the bone. She had been flung from the battle by a powerful blast, landing on her sword arm. In an attempt to save the arm, one of the assisting druids of the White Sigil cast a healing spell over the shattered limb. A week of constant healing created a backlash, causing the arm to begin decaying. The arm was quickly removed just a short ways past the shoulder. Jeca, knowing the risks and dangers of her life had previously constructed artificial limbs, for just such an occasion. A mechanical arm, built from metals she refuses to name, now rests over the arm stump. The new limb has three focusing gems embedded in the forearm, a tool to help and boost the abilities of her Light magic. She polishes it regularly, keeping it a shiny silver color.

Born to a large, but simple family in Westfall, Jeca is the third oldest of nine siblings. Bother her parents having fought and met in the war, wanted her, like her sisters, to learn to fight. While her sister, Asaduan excelled with any weapon handed to her, Jeca and her oldest sister, Laura only really seemed able, and skilled with swords and shield. Also, unlike their sister, Laura and Jeca were able to wield the Light. Nither were impressively blessed, they could focus it, and heal minor injuries. All the same, the two were taken from home at the ages of ten, Laura having been taken six years before Jeca. The two trained day and night, as hard as their young bodies would allow them. While Laura continued to grow and excel, Jeca seemed only able to improve her skills with a blade. Disapointed in herself and her inability to become an acceptable squire, she returned home at the age of thirteen.

She returned to helping in the fields with her cousins, and tending to her sickly younger sister, Annahira, who suffered from a weak heart. While her younger sister couldn't hold a blade, the young girl was blessed with a deep connection and understanding of the Light. Day after day, the two would study in Anna's room, one on machines, the other on medicen. Anna spent days, guiding and teaching Jeca would she could, in different ways to channel and control her Light.

One afternoon, while their parents were away, a gang of thugs broke into the family home. Taken by surprise, neither of the two were able to put up a decent fight. They were knocked unconscious, bound, and dragged off to some nameless mine. The sisters were left in dark, cold shaft, filled with large spiders gaurding their only exist. Anna's health was poor, and episodes were easily triggered. Having already gone through the stress of the kidnapping, her tiny body didn't have the energy necessary to defend against the cold dark environment. She was dieing and Jeca had no way to help her. Summoning all her strength and courage, Jeca charged the large arachnids in their way. A burning power ignited in her very soul, her sister -needed- her. She was going to die in this dark, scary place, the victim of a stupid crime. Bright holy fires lit from her very hands as she struck the spiders, splattering them against the walls of the cave. Their way now cleared, Jeca tracked though two miles of caverns, and several miles more to get Anna home, all the while using her light to keep her sister's heart beating. A new found passion, and hearing the Light calling her onwards again, Jeca returned to her training.

Years later, when the horrors of Northrend made themselves obvious, when the darkness was looming over the frozen land, Jeca was sent to aid in beating back the undead. Strong, stubborn, and talented, she rose in the ranks until she was made a captain of a small Gryphon riding unit. They were tasked with meeting the frost wyrms in mid air, to take them down before they could decimate the ground forces. Each rider was skilled, well synced with the others of their group. They always saw the front of battle, facing off against the most intimidating of the Scourge's forces. The unit's healer, a Quel'Dorei mute named Luna, grew fond feelings for Jeca. The pair were acward most of the time, neither properly able to exspress themselves. One lacking any words to share, the other lacking the ability to summon the words she wanted. As the battles grew more and more intense, they became all the more close, not needing words, but actions, to show their love. Eventually, the two married, in a small camp, with only their unit as witness. They each wore a simple silver band, no gems, no gold. For the briefest of moments in the hellish frozen wasteland, they were happy. As was the nature of the battle they fought, their happiness could not last. While fighting near the citidel, trying to clear the skies, a horde sneak attack, shot them down. Though they fought with all the strength they could summon, one by one, they fell. While trying to heal one of her fallen brothers, Luna was struck from behind, a blade running through her back and rib cage. Jeca slaughtered the attack in a rage, removing the weapon from Luna's chest. In her haste to heal her wife, Jeca's guard was dropped. A scourge soldier took advantage, and ran a heavy Saronite spike through Jeca's torso. Jeca was thrown aside, arm outstreched for Luna. She lost consciousness sure that they would be doomed to be risen, and prayed that their brothers and sisters in the light would find and see their souls freed. Much to her surprise, she awoke in a tent, in one of the medical camps beyond the Crusade's front lines. Sure that since she had been saved, her beloved would be safe as well, she rose from her bed, re-opening still healing wounds. After exploring the camp completely, she was stopped, and told that she was the -only- survivor.

Broken, and unable to summon the will to fight, she was called back to the tournament grounds. She spent several months in a haze, unable to connect to the Light, unable to fight. She was dragged out on a mission to the vibrant jungle of the Sholazar Basin. They had gotten reports of undead still lingering slaughtering the villagers of the Wolvar and Oracles. By the time she and those sent had arrived at the small Oracle village, everyone of the curious creatures had been slaughtered. While burning the bodies, to prevent them being risen, Jeca found a small, shivering form. A baby Oracle, his body sheltered from damage by his parents bodies, had survived the battle. A pang tugged at her heart, such a small an innocent life was destroyed by the Scourge's souless cruelty. Taking the infant back to the tournament grounds, she nursed him back to health. The two formed a bond, and before he could be taken away to an orphanage, Jeca adopted the child, naming him Too'Ra'Loo, a name of his people meaning "to hope". Even after the Lich King fell, Jeca and Too'Ra'Loo remained in Northrend. It wasn't until well after the Cataclysm was stopped, and the war in Pandaria had started, that the two came home to Stormwind. It has taken the years since her wife's death, and even to this day, for Jeca to recover her skills in the Light. She is still unable to cast any kind of healing spell.

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