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Welcome to the Order of the Golden Law

You've entered the Golden Halls, the head quarters of the Order of the Golden Law! It is in these halls that you'll have access to vast stores of information about the Order - everything from what we do to who we are and where we've been. It is also here that you'll have access to stories and public journals of those who have ventured beside us during many of the crusades and campaigns we have weathered.

While the records stored within the Golden Law's archives are vast and even overwhelming at times, there are stewards well versed in the Order's history who will be able to guide you to any resource you may need.

If, for some reason, you still have questions left unanswered by the resources here, any officer of the Order may be able to provide answers in person. Feel free to contact any of our Chancellors in game.

If you are a visitor in these halls, please feel welcome to explore and learn. However, know that some portions of these halls are reserved for members of the Order only.

If you are looking to be recruited into the Order of the Golden Law, you should start by looking through the Recruitment/About, Protocols/Policies and Guild Lore sections (in the Quick Links box to the left), and then get in contact with one of our Chancellors in game.

May the Light guide you - and stand strong.

-The Protectorate of the Order of the Golden Law

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