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[MVP] Ennalor Silvertongue a posted Wed at 13:30

The Adventure Continues..
..in Terrigarde.

As many know - the Golden Law, and its allies - host a larger vanilla Minecraft server upon which we've begun to build a brand new world - inspired by Warcraft lore but set aside, on its own, to continue and enhance a brand new story. 

With massive capitals, hundreds of player houses - keeps, guild halls and castles available for settlement, capture and purchase - the world is at your finger tips. While we're not anywhere near testing anything for launch - we do want to get more people involved in helping to craft and expand the world - adding new stories, locations and mechanics that will craft the game to be made available.

Addons, player classes, professions, spells, economy, grief protection, quests, NPCs, raids and dungeons, additional player space and even faster servers are down the road - but first - we need a population - and with that - money to help expand the server so we can incorporate these things.

To those with Minecraft, and with interest - hop on, check it out, and see if you'll be joining us in helping to craft the world.

Server IP:
Version: 1.7.5
Game Mode: Adventure/Survival/Creative
Screenshots: Minecraft Gallery

For information about joining the Development Team - contact Ennalor or Kalery, either in WoW, on the website, or on Minecraft. Style demonstration/testing is processed. 

Greatmantle God damnit I haven't played minecraft in years.
Greetings, and welcome, citizen of the Alliance!

You've entered the Golden Halls, the head quarters of the Order of the Golden Law! It is here, in our Halls, that you have access to vast stores of information about our sacred order - everything from what we do to who we are. It is also here that you have access to the Golden Law's archives so that you may learn more of the history of Azeroth as a whole! While the Golden Laws and the records stored within are vast and even overwhelming at times, we have many stewards who tend to the records who will be able to guide you to any resource you may need - so please feel free to ask if you have any questions!

If there, for some reason, is a topic not covered in the Library, any officer of the Order may be able to provide local accounts of the topic in person.

If you are a visitor in these halls, please, feel welcome. However, know that some portions of these halls are reserved for members of the Order only.

If you are wishing to be recruited into the Order of the Golden Law, you can seek application  within our Recruitment Hall, just to the top left of here along the menu bar. Please take note that we mean no disrespect in stating that a Warlock or Death Knight will not be accepted into our order under -any- circumstance.

If there are any further questions which you cannot find answers to within these halls, send (In-Game) mail to Ennalor and he will see to it that such information is made promptly available.

May the Light guide you, citizen and hero of the Alliance. Stand strong.

-The Order of the Golden Law High Council

Faith with honor, unity by blood. Bound strong and firm, together as one.

Broken not by blades.. by corruption or silvered tongues. Our strength and devotion never to be undone.

To my brethren, I shall remember my vows, honor my duty,and stand firm as a bastion of faith; as a fist of the Light.

By reverent hearts and faithful souls, we will lay down our lives for the sake of good. Never fearing, never faltering, in the Light we find unity and strength. 

May our Virtues be the righteous path which we walk, and our tenets serve as the lantern that will light our way.

May it be forever so.

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For all you budding artists out there: [link]
[link] Somedays I need to remind myself that someone woke up one morning and made that video happen.
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